Buy v Hire – which should you choose when it comes to a new weighbridge?

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Weighbridges or truck scales are used for weighing bulk items and are mounted on concrete by the weighbridge manufacturer. Weighbridges are mainly used to weigh large vehicles such as trucks and rail containers, where goods are moved from one location to another via vehicles. This device is equipped with electronic or digital screens that display the vehicle’s weight and provide reliable and accurate weighing to the industry to maintain their goods’ inward and outward flow.

These portable weighbridges are primarily used to weigh trucks loaded with goods in industries where material can be weighed only when it is moved from one location to another. To calculate the weight of materials, vehicles are weighed twice, once while loaded with goods and once when emptied.

A weighbridge manufacturer recommends weighbridges for industries such as mining, railway, aviation industries, iron and steel, household goods, metal, liquid, and powder industries with bulk movement. Government organizations also use a weighbridge to determine if a vehicle is overloaded as part of law enforcement efforts.

Buy or Hire weighbridges?

What’s better, buying or hiring weighbridges? The choice ultimately comes down to what works best for your business. Both options have their share of pros and cons. Weighbridges are generally available for hire from most companies offering industrial scales and calibration support services. Therefore, you may want to speak with your trusted supplier about the options. Not only will they be able to provide you with all the necessary information, but they will also be familiar with your business needs as well.

Alternatively, we have compiled a guide comparing the benefits of buying and hiring weighbridges.


Owning equipment outright after purchasing it is a major advantage. As a result, there is no additional cost to the client since the initial capital investment has already been made, and there are no further servicing costs. It is also important to note that by purchasing your own industrial scales, you will not have to answer anyone else. 

Purchasing any type of industrial scale means ensuring that you are getting the exact specifications that you need. To illustrate, you may want to choose a scale that fits the specific needs that you have in mind, and you can achieve that.

Advanced technology enables sophisticated system integration, regardless of whether the system is to be used for warehousing or vehicle weighing. For this reason, investing in the right equipment to suit your organization’s needs can be a huge step in the right direction. In addition, you can also add digital indicators to your system. 

Furthermore, when making a purchase, it is possible to negotiate a good deal for future maintenance when making the purchase. A good way to be able to secure a great service deal in the future would be to make use of the purchase cost as leverage.


Evidently, cost-effectiveness is the main advantage of hiring your industrial scales. The cost of renting scales is very affordable, especially if you happen to only need weighing equipment on a temporary or occasional basis. Therefore, hiring scales may allow you to free up capital for expenditures elsewhere or to pay off any debts you might have if improving cash flow is a concern for your organization.

Hiring replacement weighing scales is the ideal way to avoid downtime while minimizing overheads if your current equipment is faulty or undergoing maintenance.

Machinery failures can have a very adverse impact on the profitability of companies that rely heavily on weighbridges, balances, and other industrial scales in their daily operations.

When you use scales such as weighbridges regularly, you will likely suffer if one of them develops a problem and creates downtime for you. Therefore, a company’s productivity will suffer. The downtime of your industrial scales is likely to be reduced if they are rented. You will receive quality assurance if you hire industrial scales since they will be calibrated and tested before they are delivered.

Additionally, you can try out the equipment for free before buying it. In addition to choosing the right features for your business, testing will also help you make better decisions when purchasing crucial equipment.


The primary reason for using technologies in business is to increase productivity and minimize human error. Any business can track weighing data without error by installing a weighbridge as a permanent investment. By using weighing scales, you can complete the weighing process in mere seconds, increasing your business’s productivity.

To learn more and purchase the right weighbridge for your warehousing company, contact Trakblaze today. A company that specializes in weighing systems for rail, road, mining, and aviation, Trakblaze Pty Ltd is one of Australia’s most successful weighing system manufacturers. As a leader in manufacturing and supplying technologically advanced scales, we have 90 years of experience in weighing systems technology. With our investment in research, development, design, and manufacturing, we can supply, install, and service a comprehensive range of first-class weighing equipment to our clients.

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