Effects of different tyre configurations on vehicle’s performance.

If you are on the lookout for tyres for your vehicles, you will find plenty of types from numerous manufacturers. You can look for tyres online, and the result is the same. Oceanic Direct saves you the trouble of scrolling through numerous sites and taking your concerns from door to door to find the perfect fit for your vehicle. You can buy truck tyres, quad bike tyres, ATV tyres, and other kinds from their stores or shop online.

Getting appropriate tyres in terms of pattern, dimensions, durability, flexibility, and the cost is a subject of major concern among many businesses as well as individuals. Vehicles are a prominent part of companies whose operations revolve around haulage and transportation services, whereas for individuals, the primary theme is transportation.

While accessing the performance of various types of 4-wheelers like ATVs, trucks, quad bikes, or cranes, several factors come into play. Generally, most of us only care to look at inmate features of a vehicle to have measure of its return on investment – performance and sustainability. While this makes sense, we are leaving behind a major contributor to the overall performance of our vehicles.

Features of a vehicle, such as safety features, engine power, and comfortable design give a vague picture of how the vehicle performs when it hits the road. This is because the performance of our vehicles does not entirely depend on the vehicle. Tyres have a direct impact on how a vehicle performs; idle pairs of tyres can bring even old vehicles to perform well, likewise new ones perform abysmally.

Tyres are the direct point of contact with the ground, making them a distinctive performance meter for vehicles. People who have already understood this fact shrewdly choose ATV tyres, quad bike tyres, truck tyres, OTR tyres, and others for their rides. Different vehicles have different kind of tyres fitted to them, which comes with different configurations, that is, a trade pattern. Tyres mostly have the following tread patterns:

Symmetric Tread Pattern: It provides low rolling resistance, which results in lower fuel consumption and, thus, high mileage. Tyres with this type of tread pattern are suitable for city vehicles with smooth roads; less debris. This pattern is used in both summer and winter tyres.

They are not fit for OTR vehicles – not suitable for off-road driving.

Asymmetric Tread Pattern: Tyres with asymmetric tread patterns offer excellent traction which makes them perfect for wet roads, dry roads, and off-road conditions. It is also suitable for rough terrain. Quad bike tyres and ATV tyres have such trade patterns. Tyres with this tread pattern provide proper rolling resistance, lateral stiffness, and higher stability. High-end sports cars have such tread patterns.

Tyres with asymmetric patterns have soft rubber materials used in them so they have a shorter life span. They will be less effective for daily use vehicles.

Directional Tread Pattern: Tyres that have directional tread pattern are made from soft rubber and have an arrow pattern design. Such tyres offer excellent traction on wet and snowy roads, mostly preferable for the rainy and winter season.

Tyres with such tread patterns are expensive, have a shorter life span, and do not have much to reduce the noise.

You will find an array of durable and affordable ATV tyres, OTR tyres, and plenty of others sourced from top tyre manufacturers in Australia and from outside with Oceanic Direct. You can check their tyre collection and list of manufacturers before making the purchase. They also have an extensive range of cranes and OTR tyres for industrial use.

Oceanic Direct understands how tyres make or break the performance of vehicles. Their expertise is built with 30-plus years of experience in the tyre industry, which has helped many businesses and individuals find the right fit for their vehicles. It is by understanding the many ways how tyre affects your ride that one can choose tyres that fit their vehicles. And the team of Oceanic Direct is there to help you achieve a better understanding of tyres, their various types, and their importance.

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