Things you should know about tyre warranty

Any tyre warranty is designed to provide peace of mind for consumers that the manufacturer stands behind its products and promises. While this protection is provided by the tread-life warranties, tyre maintenance is the purchaser’s responsibility. A major reason why warranty claims are denied is due to poor maintenance of the tyres. Thus, your tyres must be inflated at the recommended tyre pressure so that even wear can be achieved. Maintain a record of the service, rotate the tyres according to the tyre maker’s recommendation, and make sure you keep your original purchase receipt too. You’ll need it to prove when the tyres were purchased.

How does tyre warranty work? 

Some people think that a tyre warranty means that if anything goes wrong with the tyre, there will be a refund. However, a refund may only be granted if the damages occurred due to the manufacturer’s fault within a certain number of days of purchase (The number may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and the quality of the tyres).

Tyre warranties can be measured in kilometres instead of in years by some manufacturers. Depending on how much a tyre can run in optimal conditions, it may offer a warranty up to a certain number of kilometers. 

In addition, a tyre warranty is granted based on the tyre’s manufacturing date, purchase date, and fitting date. In the case that the tyres are fitted to your vehicle a year later, you will still be covered by the warranty for only two years.

You might not realize there are a handful of different tyre warranties offered by manufacturers and tyre stores. You may already be familiar with the tread-life warranty, but there are a few others. 

Before we discuss how to ensure your warranty isn’t voided, let’s take a quick look at each type so you can save money on new tyres or tyre repairs.

Tread Life

All tyre manufacturers in Australia offer tread-life warranties. Keep away from tyres that do not offer a tread-life warranty. The manufacturer suggests that this is the number of kilometers the tyre can be expected to last under normal driving conditions. Major manufacturers usually offer tread-life warranties between 70,000 and 100,000 kilometers. It may also be the case that they have a time limit – such as 80,000 kilometers or six years, whichever comes first. 


In the event of ride issues with the tyres, you are covered by a uniformity warranty. When this happens, you will typically notice it right away since the vehicle will vibrate, and your ride will be disturbed.

Workmanship & Materials

Normally offered for the life of a tyre, workmanship and material warranties cover manufacturing defects. In the majority of cases, these warranties are adjusted after the tread-life warranty expires.

Road Hazards

It is usually the tyre shops that offer road hazard warranties. The warranty will cover the repair of a flat tyre as long as it remains within the warranty period. The amount will be adjusted if the tyre needs to be replaced. If you drive a lot or drive on bad roads regularly, you may benefit from a road hazard warranty.

Special warranty

Some Tyre manufacturers in Australia offer special warranties. You might be able to get a satisfaction guarantee, for example. Additionally, they may offer free tyre-change roadside assistance.

When you can claim a tyre warranty

As per the terms and conditions of a warranty, you may be entitled to a refund only if the damage is caused by the manufacturer. This is if the product is not the same as the one described in the warranty. Also, when the tyres fail to perform as promised, you have the right to claim the warranty if they have not been affected by any of the above conditions.

When you cannot claim tyre warranty

There are several situations in which you are not entitled to make a warranty claim. One of the most important things to watch out for is improper maintenance. There is a high probability that your warranty claim will be denied if the tyre manufacturer does not see proof that the tyres were inflated, rotated, and aligned correctly before the tyre was installed. Several other warranty killers include accidental damage, racing, off-roading, snow chains, as well as intentional damage from water damage. With any warranty, the manufacturer expects you to do your part to maintain the product to its standards. 

It may seem vexatious to keep track of all the warranties, but by following a few basic precautions, you will not only reduce the chances of a tyre wearing out prematurely but also be prepared in case of a claim. Be sure to keep a record of all tyre rotations and alignments. Consider that it is better to miss out on a warranty claim than to run a tyre to the end of its tread life and compromise your safety. 

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