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Top 5 Harley Parts Every Rider Should Upgrade

There is no arguing that Harley-Davidson motorcycles are one of the finest pieces of machinery that bring the thrill of the open road, the raw power of an iconic engine, and a profound sense of freedom to its riders. Every Harley rider knows the allure of customizing their bikes, making them not just another mean machine but an extension of their personality. But where do you start? Which Harley parts should be your first upgrade priority? This blog post will guide you through the top five Harley parts that you should consider upgrading for a more superior and personalized riding experience. But before heading, if you’re thinking, why should I even upgrade? This section is for you, my friend:

The Tangible Benefits of Upgrading Your Harley Parts

In the world of Harley-Davidson, personalizing your ride is about more than just aesthetics. From improving your bike’s performance to increasing your comfort on the open road, upgrading your Harley parts brings with it a multitude of advantages. Here are the five key benefits:

  • Performance Enhancement: A well-chosen upgrade, such as a 12V generator, can significantly enhance the overall performance of your Harley. With a steady and reliable current feeding your electrical parts, this upgrade ensures that everything from your headlights to your sound system works optimally. Such upgrades give your motorcycle a performance edge, enhancing speed, power, and overall ride quality.
  • Increased Comfort: Ensuring your Harley suits your riding style is paramount for comfort. Upgrading your Harley parts, like replacing the standard gripping pad with a high-quality aftermarket version, can drastically improve your ride’s comfort level. A superior gripping pad helps alleviate pressure on your palms during long trips, providing a seamless connection between you and your machine.
  • Greater Safety: Safety should always be a rider’s priority. Modifying Harley parts, such as your lighting system, can considerably boost your safety while riding. Upgrading to brighter, more energy-efficient LED lights enhances visibility on the road, making your journeys safer, especially during night rides or in low-light conditions.
  • Personalization: Your Harley should be a reflection of who you are. Each upgrade and modification, be it a 12V generator or a new gripping pad, should resonate with your style and preferences. The world of Harley parts is expansive, allowing you to customize your ride to your heart’s content, making it truly unique and reflective of your personality.
  • Resale Value: While parting with your Harley might be the furthest thing from your mind, it’s worth noting that certain upgrades can potentially increase your motorcycle’s resale value. High-quality Harley parts that improve performance, safety, and comfort are usually attractive to prospective buyers. But remember, all upgrades should be performed professionally to maintain the integrity of the bike and the value of the investment.

With these benefits in mind, let’s delve into the top five Harley parts that every rider should consider upgrading for an elevated and personalized riding experience. So now, moving on to the main question in the next section.

Harley Parts Every Rider Should Upgrade!

  1. Upgrade Your Electrical System with a 12V Generator 

Starting with the heart of your motorcycle, the electrical system, upgrading your Harley’s stock generator to a 12V generator is a significant modification that can offer multiple benefits. The 12V generator is a reliable and robust component designed to handle the high electrical load that comes with modern accessories, ensuring that your ride can power up and handle all the extras you might want to add. 

Also, a 12V generator provides a consistent current to all electrical parts, prolonging their life and efficiency. Compared to the traditional 6V systems prone to fluctuations and issues with modern gadgetry, the 12V generator stands as a perfect upgrade for riders looking for reliability and performance. A key point to remember is that this upgrade should be done professionally to ensure proper installation and connection to your existing wiring system.

  1. Make Your Ride More Comfortable with A Gripping Pad

Now, let’s move to a part that can vastly improve your comfort on those long, exhilarating rides – the gripping pad. Upgrading your bike’s gripping pad can significantly affect how you interact with your motorcycle. It not only enhances your control over the bike but also increases comfort, particularly during extended trips.

The gripping pad prevents the rider from slipping and sliding, especially in rainy or muddy conditions. This part also alleviates pressure on the palms, providing a more comfortable ride. There are several aftermarket gripping pads available in the market, made of different materials and designed for a variety of comfort levels. Choose a gripping pad that best suits your riding style and conditions.

  1. Enhance Your Riding Experience with High-Performance Exhaust Systems

Sound and performance are two key aspects that every Harley rider cherishes. Upgrading your Harley parts to include a high-performance exhaust system can enhance both. A new exhaust system doesn’t just modify the sound your bike makes; it can also significantly improve performance. 

High-performance exhaust systems allow your engine to breathe easier, resulting in increased horsepower and torque. These systems can also provide weight savings over stock systems and add an aggressive look to your Harley. It’s essential to consider local laws and regulations related to noise and emissions before making this upgrade.

  1. Improve Control and Comfort with Adjustable Suspension

Your Harley’s suspension has a significant impact on the overall riding experience. Upgrading to an adjustable suspension system will provide a more responsive and comfortable ride. With this modification, you can customize the suspension’s stiffness or softness, tailoring it to your weight, riding style, and typical road conditions. 

An adjustable suspension can significantly enhance handling and overall ride comfort, especially on long rides and over imperfect road surfaces. It also helps improve traction, giving you more control over your Harley, especially during turns and braking.

  1. Upgrade Your Lighting for Better Visibility 

Last but not least on our list of essential Harley parts for upgrading is the lighting system. With the numerous advances in lighting technology, upgrading your Harley’s lighting can enhance visibility, making your rides safer. 

LED lights, for example, provide superior brightness, longer life, and lower energy consumption than conventional bulbs. They also add an aesthetic appeal to your Harley. Consider upgrading not just your headlight but also your tail light and turn signals for improved visibility from all angles.

In conclusion, upgrading these Harley parts – the 12V generator, gripping pad, exhaust system, adjustable suspension, and lighting – can significantly enhance your riding experience. Remember, every upgrade you make should reflect your style, meet your needs, and, importantly, comply with safety standards and regulations.

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