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Trakblaze’s Ultimate Bogie Press: A must-have for rail maintenance and manufacturing depots

Assembling and disassembling rail vehicle bogies/trucks is done in manufacturing depots with bogie presses. These testing stands are designed to simulate the loading pattern of a vehicle body on the bogie with a view to controlling wheel loading patterns and monitoring other important functions after assembly or disassembly of the bogie.

The rail scale allows the precise weighing of individual bogies because of its flexibility and accuracy. By providing a rail balancing system under each wheel, the hydraulic cylinders of the bogie press can evenly distribute the load within specified parameters (tolerances). It is also possible to move the portable weighing system to accommodate different wheel centres and to ensure continuous production. Additionally, the Bogie Weighing System provides AnsaldoBreda with a cost-effective rolling stock weighing solution in the future.

In the future, the bogie press can be used on high-speed trains as well. A select number of high-speed trains are going to enter service over the next few years with upgraded versions of their rolling stock, which means they will undergo a variety of technical modifications and tests in the near future. The train sets that have been overhauled using the bogie press are supposed to be primarily used for regional and intercity services throughout the world.

To understand the bogie wheel loads our in-depth, intricate software has been provided. The set of software communicates with the weighing system via wireless technology and automatically outputs the weighing information through PDF or .csv file formats. Furthermore, the train weighing software offers customizable features to meet the needs of specific maintenance programs, including “live” tolerance information (to indicate several error conditions), the option to choose different weighing units, and the option to view weighing reports.

Similarly, the Trakblaze ULTIMATE Bogie Press is a semi-portable weighing system designed for rail balancing systems and manufacturing depots that provides robust results that are robust and reliable. By measuring wheel loads in addition to the applied loads, it is possible to determine the effects of simulated loads.

Besides fitting two or three axle bogies, the ULTIMATE Bogie Press is also suited to various rail gauges and axle centres. The system is also capable of having independent loading points that can be controlled from a control desk either individually or in pairs. By using a modular design, it is possible to easily transport the whole bogie process in a standard container or on a rigid truck and set it up within hours. Thus, it is possible to view all results on the touch screen PC.

The benefits of ULTIMATE Bogie Press are

  • Setup and commissioning within two hours
  • Four or six-wheel loading points
  • Single or twin hydraulic pressing cylinders
  • Closed loop design
  • Suits multiple rail gauges
  • Modular construction

If you are looking for the best bogie press on the market, do not think twice before consulting Trakblaze. For over 90 years, Trakblaze has been manufacturing static and dynamic bogie presses in Australia and internationally.

Rail maintenance and manufacturing depots worldwide can choose from a comprehensive range of bogie press solutions from Trakblaze. Additionally, they manufacture truck scales, weighbridges, mobile train weighers, monitoring systems, volumetric scanners, and balancing systems.

With the latest technology, they strive to manufacture scales that will never fail to deliver accurate results. Request a quote from Trakblaze today if you need high-quality weighing systems.

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