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What do you need to know before choosing the right heavy haulage company?

Mordor Intelligence estimates that the heavy haulage market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of around 7.34% between 2021 and 2026.

Choosing a heavy haulage shipping company is a crucial decision for your logistics. When you need heavy haulage services, it’s essential to understand the shipping industry. Shipping is a complicated business, and companies that offer these services usually vary significantly in terms of what they provide and how much they charge for their services. Paying attention to customer reviews, BBB ratings and forum posts can help you make a sound choice. You’d want to find one that offers fast delivery, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing.

7 things to keep in mind when choosing a heavy haulage company

Here are seven essential things to remember when you’re looking for a heavy haulage transport company:

1.    Requirements for Shipping

Defining your needs and assessing shipping volume are the first steps in your search for a heavy hauling company. You’ll also need to provide this information to the companies you’re considering so that they can assess if they can take on the project.

2.    Know the haulier’s restrictions and limitations

When you need to transport heavy machinery or large goods, you need to know that your heavy haul companies are reliable and safe. There is a variety of heavy hauliers out there.

Consider the following when choosing a haulier:

  • Does the company have any restrictions on vehicle types or weight limits?
  • Are they able to transport risky goods?
  • Are there any travel restrictions in the states you’re delivering to?

3.    Experience & Fleet

The Australian Road Freight Transport industry is expected to grow 2.4% in 2022, with a market size of $65.3bn. Before choosing a heavy haulage company to move your goods, ensure they have enough staff and tools.

Having a fleet of trailers is crucial. Additionally, it’s helpful to know how long they’ve worked in the shipping and transport industry and the number of trailers they have.

4.    Permit Status

If you plan to move goods across state lines, you must contact a heavy haulage transport company that is an expert in cross-border logistics and transportation.

Find out if a national permit covers the company’s drivers and trailers, how they manage risk and unanticipated circumstances, and how they keep an eye on and maintain their vehicles.

5.    The Haulage Company’s Bandwidth

When interviewing heavy haul companies, ask about their capacity for accepting repeated or many orders. You can find out how many employees and trailers they use daily. It’s best to work with just one company since that will streamline the process and speed up turnaround time.

6.    Communication Choices

Over the past 40 years, Australia’s domestic freight task has steadily grown, with road and rail freight dominating the industry, and communication is an essential part of this growing industry.

Ask your heavy haulage transport provider if they have real-time tracking. Ensure that you know your shipment’s location, delivery date, and other details. Also, ask the company how long they typically take to reply to emails and phone calls.

7.    Company’s Credentials and Network

You can be confident that a heavy haulage transport company will provide competent and high-quality service if it belongs to an industry network or has received accreditation. A company that is Fatigue, Mass, and Maintenance Accredited by the NHVAS and WAHVA is an excellent place to start.

Final Word

You can find the best heavy haulage in Australia by doing some research online. When selecting a heavy haulage company, look for one with a good track record and positive consumer testimonials. If you want to go with the best heavy haulage company in Australia, contact Overdimensional Life & Shift.

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