What to Know About Tow Straps and Recovery Straps or Ropes

If you are like many road adventurists, you probably like to take the road less traveled. If this is the case, you can get stuck at one point. Whether your vehicle breaks down on a trail or is framed deep in snow or mud, you need to have a rope in your recovery kit. A recovery rope is more affordable than a winch. 

In some situations, a winch may be more effective than a strap or rope. But sometimes, you need a bit of help to get your stuck vehicle out of the tough spot. And even if you brought a winch, you can get more length from a Jeep recovery rope. This can greatly benefit you if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere by yourself. This post explores the differences between tow straps and recovery ropes:

How Tow Straps Work

Tow straps can still be used in recovery situations. They have little to no elasticity, which makes them ideal for towing vehicles. But they cannot be used to recover a stuck vehicle from what it is stuck in. But while they must not be utilized for aggressive tugging, they can be used for trying and getting free if they are all you have in a stuck situation. 

Keep in mind that two straps only have very little elasticity, which means you cannot get a running start. But their length and rigidity make them quite useful for winching. You can find tow straps in various sizes and shapes.

Recovery Straps or Ropes

Recovery ropes or straps are elastic and work with the kinetic energy they generate. Because of their elasticity, they can snap back to their original length when recovering a stuck vehicle. Also, recovery straps let you get a running start, allowing the recovery vehicle to get a momentum and traction. Also, they have a rubber band effect on the stuck vehicle. Because they stretch, they can be hard to winch with. 

When buying recovery straps or ropes, you should avoid products that do not have break strength or tow rating. This information tells you the amount of tress the rope can take. Some manufacturers claim that their products are recovery straps, so do your homework before you purchase a recovery rope. 

Often, recovery ropes are made of nylon, an elastic material. Straps made of Polypropylene or Dacron must only be used to tow. Also, you should consider the strap’s end. Although hooks may let you connect to a shackle easily, recovery straps should not have hooks on the end.  

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