How to Flight to Bali from Melbourne

Bali has always been an attractive tourist destination for residents and foreign tourists. Bali has all kinds of tourism, from its beautiful natural landscapes, unique places, and rich culture. Relax on the beach, go on challenging natural adventures, spend romantic time with your partner, or taste delicious food.

Bali has a high attraction, so it is unsurprising that access to Bali is very easy, including for Melbourne residents. You can easily flight to Bali from Melbourne, even with various choices of routes and airlines. Below are instructions regarding the airlines and flight routes you can choose and the right time to come.

Flight to Bali from Melbourne

Bali is never empty of tourists because of its high tourist attraction with many places you can visit. Don’t doubt the beauty of the beaches, it has its own charm where you can relax and do sea sports.

Another side of Bali that is no less amazing is its rich and preserved culture and traditions. You can see how residents perform traditional ceremonies and religious ceremonies with their uniqueness. They even provide various performances in some places, including dance performances such as the Kecak Dance in Uluwatu.

  1. Airlines Option to Bali from Melbourne

You can choose many airline choices based on facilities, routes, and flight times. You can determine it based on your wishes because you can see every detail on Traveloka.

Differences in airlines also affect ticket prices so that you can adjust them based on your budget. You can even choose several low-cost airlines suitable for those who want to cheaply. Several airline options include Batik Air, Jetstar, Scoot, Air Asia, Garuda Indonesia, and many more.

  1. The Duration of Flight to Bali from Melbourne

Flying to Bali from Melbourne is very convenient as direct flights are available for around 5 hours and 25 minutes. Alternatively, you can choose flights with layovers, with the shortest duration being around 8 hours and 55 minutes.

By opting for direct flights, you can avoid the hassle of layovers and save time. Departure is available from Melbourne International Airport or Avalon Airport, both heading to Ngurah Rai International Airport. Flight schedules are diverse, with options available throughout the day, from morning until evening.

  1. Visa Requirements to Bali from Melbourne

The visa requirements required for Melbourne residents who want to go to Bali depend on their respective destinations. If you want to holiday, you only need to use a free tourist visit visa or visa on arrival (VOA).

These two types of visas have different conditions regarding the visit period, which is limited to 30 days. The VOA can be extended at most one time at the Immigration Office, but the tourist visit visa can’t.

  1. Best Time to Visit Bali

There is no specific time to visit Bali because you can come all year round to admire its beauty. However, there are several suggested times that you can choose according to your holiday goals. You can come from April to October to have exciting adventures and various outdoor activities.

Holidays to Bali will be very comfortable during the dry season, where low rainfall will make your mobility more accessible. If you only want indoor activities, December to February could be an option because the rain is quite high.

Come in March if you want to see the silence of Nyepi and the Ogoh-ogoh Festival. This celebration is when residents do not turn on lights or fire and do not leave the house throughout Nyepi Day. The Ogoh-ogoh parade occurs the day before Nyepi Day as Pengerupukan, neutralizing negative forces (Bhuta Kala).

If you want to go to Ubud, come from April to June to participate in festivals, including Ubud Village Jazz. However, if you want to go to Kuta, the best time is in October for various festivals, including Bali Art.

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That’s a review of the airlines and routes you can choose for flights to Bali from Melbourne. You don’t need to look for tickets because you can easily find them on Traveloka. Traveloka even provides many attractive promotions and discounts that you can take advantage of and access easily online.

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